Understanding Chakra Balance

In order to begin working with your chakras you must first understand about chakra balance. In this post I will try to explain this to you. Understand that the whole idea of working with your chakra is to ultimately obtain a perfect balance between all of your seven major chakras.

Lets imagine that you only have a certain amount of flow that is distributed between your chakras. This flow causes your chakras to become open. If one chakra becomes too open, this causes other chakras to become too closed.

Look at the following diagram:Chakras Off Balance I

The top of the illustration represents open and the bottom represents closed. As you can see the yellow chakra (Navel Chakra) is not balanced, it is below the balanced line and is closed. This has caused the blue chakra (Throat Chakra) to become too far above the balanced line and is far too open. The remaining chakras, as you can see, are balanced correctly.

Lets take a look at another example.Chakras Off Balance II

Now in this illustration we see that the red chakra (Root Chakra) is far too open. This in turn is causing trouble with both the green chakra (Heart Chakra) and the indigo chakra (Third Eye Chakra) OR vice versa.

As you can see the result of one chakra being too open cause other chakras to be too closed or chakras being too closed can cause other chakras to become too open.

To correct this problem we will want to focus our energy on the chakras that are too closed. We want to open the chakras that are too closed so that the energy will become balanced and the chakra that are too open will come back down to the balanced line.

There are various ways to stimulate and open closed or too closed chakras. See the corresponding chakra page for more information on stimulating a specific chakra.

Balanced Chakras

Now ultimately we want our chakra balance to look like this illustration.

You see how all chakras are positioned with the same balance. This is our goal. Perfect balance between all chakras. Obtaining perfect balance between all chakras will allow the natural flow of life energy. Properly flowing life energy and balanced chakras will contribute to not only our physical health but also our mental health and all around well being.


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