Infinite Energy System


The Infinite Energy System will help you harness your Spiritual Energies to a level that you easily attract whatever it is you envision…

Be it having nurturing relationships, building up a stronghold of wealth, or even getting that ideal career switch!

In the Infinite Energy System, you’ll discover…

  • How to Identify Weak Energy Spots (So You Can Target Them Effectively)
  • How to Activate Your Chakras and Open the Gateway for Energy to Flow Through You
  • Strategies to Rejuvenate Vital Energy Centers (A Must Know!)
  • The Infinite Energy Meditation for Harnessing Energy Wherever and Whenever you need it…
  • “Food Retraining” and Intro to Superfoods to Detox and Cleanse Your Current Energies
  • The Miracles of Water and Ways to Purge Energy-Sapping Toxins From Your Body
  • Strategies to Turbo-Charge Your Energy Centers (This Will Bring Your Vibrational Energy Up By 300%!)
  • How to Use Your Newfound Energies to Achieve Infinite Productivity
  • Infinite Energy Exercises for Balance, Strength and Vitality
  • Secrets of Yin-Yang Energy Balance to Control Accumulated Vibrational Energy
  • Vibrational Energy Spin Technique for Unlimited Manifestation
  • Meditative Chi and Infinite Vitality Meditation for Discharging Negativity From Your Life
  • Plus so much more!

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How To Open Your Third Chakra Navel Chakra Manipura Chakra

Carrying on with our Chakra opening and chakra balancing lessons. Today we will be working with the navel chakra also known as the third chakra or the manipura chakra. This chakra encircles confidence, especially when in a group. When open, you should feel in control and have good feeling of dignity in yourself. If it’s under-active: you tend to be passive and indecisive. You could be frequently apprehensive and this doesn’t reward you. If it’s over-active: you tend to be imperious and aggressive.

Step One

Sit on your knees, with your back straight, but relaxed.


Step Two

Put your hands before your stomach, slightly below your solar plexus. Let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs and straighten the fingers (this is important). Concentrate on the Navel Chakra and what it stands for, at the spine, slightly above the navel.


Step Three

Silently, yet clearly, chant the sound “RAM.”

All this time, let yourself relax even more, continuing to think about the chakra, it’s meaning, and how it does or should affect your life.

Keep doing this until you are completely relaxed. You should have a “clean” feeling (for every chakra).


With practice you will be able to achieve this clean relaxed peace more easily and quickly.

It is important that you have a quiet place to do this where you will not be disturbed.

Remember to turn off the phone or other things that may distract you.

If you have chakra mantras, you can also use them during this exercise. (If you need mantras or other meditation tools, see the Resources and Products page.)

It is also ok to kneel on a mat or pillow if you find the floor is too hard for you.

Remember, this is easy, don’t over think it. Just breathe.

Looking forward to reading your comments or questions below.

Balance Chakras with Chakra Suite

As many of my long term reader know, we used to offer various Chakra mantras to aid in the balancing of all chakras. However we ran into issues with the various audio hosts going offline. After much research we have found a great new system that you can download and use at will. Whether on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

The system is called The Chakra Suite and features 70 minutes of beta wave audio with 10 minutes devoted to each chakra for a full and complete chakra balancing.

One of the best qualities of this system is that you do not have to be familiar with meditation for it to be effective. You can listen during activities or during rest and still receive the same benefits. This is great news for those of you who are new to meditation and working with  your chakras.

“This unique combination of techniques absolutely ensures the brainwave and chakra energy patterns are tuned to exactly the right frequencies.  The way the music works makes sure this happens very quickly.  The chakra will then start to resonate in harmony with the dominant frequency in the brain.  This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy to flow more easily through the energy pathways.  This attunes and energizes the chakra in a natural way.  Each time you listen to the specific chakra vibration within the music – that chakra is stimulated and strengthened.”

The Chakra Suite

can be purchased by clicking here.

Seventh Chakra Crown Chakra Sahasrara Chakra

Seventh Chakra Crown Chakra Sahasraram ChakraThe Seventh Chakra, often referred to as the Crown Chakra or the Sahasrara Chakra, is positioned above the head or at the top of it and it has 1000 petals which are arranged in 20 layers each of them with 50 petals.

Sahasrara chakra symbolizes detachment from illusion; an essential element in obtaining supramental higher consciousness of the truth that one is all and all is one.

It is associated with the following:

  • Deities: Shiva, Varuna, Ama-kala, Zeus, Odin, Nut, Enki, Inanna, Mimir, Ennoia
  • Element: Thought
  • Color: Violet
  • Animal: none associated
  • Body Parts: Pineal gland, hair, top of head and Central Nervous System.
  • Planet: Uranus

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Sixth Chakra Third Eye Chakra Ajna Chakra

Sixth Chakra Third Eye Chakra Ajna ChakraThe Sixth Chakra, often referred to as the Third Eye Chakra or the Ajna chakra, is positioned at the eyebrow region and it has two petals, said to represent the psychic channels Ida and Pingala, which meet here with the central Shushumna channel, before rising to the crown chakra, Sahasrara. On the left hand petal is the letter ‘ham’, and on the right the letter ‘ksham’, the bija mantras for Shiva and Shakti respectively.

It is associated with the following:

  • Deities: Shakti Hakini, Krishna, Paramasiva, Isis, Themis, Apollo, Iris, Morpheus, Tara, Hecate, Belenos
  • Element: Light
  • Color: Indigo
  • Animal: Owl
  • Body Parts: Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Eyes, Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Planet: Neptune

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Fifth Chakra Throat Chakra Vishuddha Chakra

Fifth Chakra Throat Chakra Vishuddha Chakra

The Fifth Chakra, often referred to as the Throat Chakra or the Vishuddha Chakra, is positioned at the neck region and it has sixteen petals corresponding to the Sanskrit vowels.

Vishuddha is associated with the faculty of higher discrimination, between choosing what is right and wrong, and it is associated with creativity and self-expression. It is known as the ‘poison and nectar’ centre, closely related to the Bindu chakra, and the secret of immortality is said to reside there. When Vishuddha is closed, we undergo decay and death. When it is open, negative experience is transformed into wisdom and learning.

Vishuddha is said to contain Jnana Shakti.

The Bija mantra for Vishuddha is हं haṃ. The petals correspond to the following sixteen vowels:

a ā i ī u ū
e ai o au अः अं

NB: Some vowels listed above do not strictly correspond to the grammatical definition of a Sanskrit vowel, specifically, अः , and अं .

It is associated with the following:

  • Deities: Ambara, Sadashiva and Shakini
  • Element: Aether (Akasha)
  • Color: Blue
  • Animal: Elephant
  • Body Parts: Thyroid gland, Ears, Neck, eyes, voice box, thyroid, parathyroid, sinuses
  • Planet: Jupiter & Mercury

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